Coatings for Ultra High Temperature

UHT Coatings

The SENOTHERM® trademark is universally recognised as a synonym for thermal stability. More than 40 years of experience in international markets have made us leaders in the field of coatings for ultra high temperatures, a continuous search for innovative solutions. A global presence with support services and local assistance, certified quality and continuous investments in research and development make us the ideal partner to address and satisfy any technical and aesthetic requirement.

The SENOTHERM® range

The technology specialist SENOTHERM® remains at the forefront to deliver the best solutions in the field of coatings for ultra high temperatures. On the basis of the characteristics that distinguish them, we have segmented our range of products into specific sub-brands:

  • SENOTHERM® Classic

SENOTHERM® Cutting edge coatings for high temperatures!

Proven experience

The products of the SENOTHERM® Classic range have for decades satisfied the market of coatings for high temperatures and have been singled out by renowned manufacturers throughout the world as the ideal solutions for the coating of stoves and fireplaces, flues, stove tops and for various applications in the field.

Incomparable reliability

Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, SENOTHERM® coatings for high temperatures  have evolved from purely functional protective paints to real aesthetic solutions, able to follow the design in all its expression. Thanks to the particular features of thermostability and chromatic resistance up to above 600 °C, they are the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology. The SENOTHERM® Classic range is distinguished by the high quality standards, excellent quality/price ratio, and simplicity of application.

Variety of colours and packages

SENOTHERM® Classic high temperature coatings are produced in different shades and effects, also available in practical spray cans for quick touch-ups.

The High Solid versions also fall within the Classic range, characterised by higher yield and very contained solvent emissions that protect the environment as well as people.

In addition, our laboratories are available to customers to provide tailored solutions.

  • Operating temperature higher than 600 °C
  • High quality standards
  • Simple processing
  • Many shades of colour and special effects

No fumes or unpleasant odours

In general, the basic formula of the coatings for high temperatures is constituted by the so-called silicone resins. In traditional production processes, the final curing (hardening) takes place by means of heat treatment, typically during the first cycle of use of the apparatus (for example, a fireplace) in general to temperatures above 180 °C.

With SENOTHERM UHT® 600, instead, hardening of the paint has already taken place at ambient temperature, i.e. during the production phases of the same appliance. This prevents the development of fumes or unpleasant odours when using the fireplace for the first time. The surface of the coating paint is harder and thus more resistant and suitable to withstand the stages of final assembly, transportation and installation of the product.

SENOTHERM UHT® 600 is available in different colours and shades and with many different effects, including metallised versions.

Respect for the environment

The High Solid high temperature coatings line is perfectly in line with the current standards of environmental protection, drastically reducing the emission of solvents. SENOTHERM® 600 conforms with environmental sensitivity and a desire to safeguard the health of producers and consumers.

  • Room temperature curing
  • First use without emission of fumes or unpleasant odours
  • Reduced content of solvents
  • Many shades of colour with various effects available