Coatings for Trains & Rolling Stock

Coatings for rolling stock, train wagons, train carriages and train engines all over the world

Weilburger Coatings is the global partner in the field of coatings for rolling stock and rail vehicles (passenger carriages and freight wagons), thanks to the production sites located in Europe, Asia and South America.

A complete range of coatings dedicated to rolling stock and railways

Our range of rail rolling stock coatings is capable of providing the best solutions to fit any need, ensuring maximum quality and resistance. In particular, we provide:

  • 1k and 2k primers;
  • EP and POL 2K stuccoes;
  • PU and EP 2k undercoats;
  • 1K and 2k basecoat finishes;
  • Anti-scratch 2K pigmented  Top Coat Finishes;
  • Easy-to-Clean and 2K anti-scratch transparent paints;
  • EP 2K and 1K pigmented  single layer finishes;
  • High thickness pigmented EP finishes;

SENORAIL® coatings are available in both the classical version, based on solvent-based conventional technologies and in the innovative hydrodilutable version. The products are approved for use by Deutsche Bahn AG, FS Trenitalia and SNCF and by many other European rail bodies both state-owned and private.

Coating paints for passenger carriages and freight wagons

Since 2000, WEILBURGER Coatings has provided painting cycles entirely composed of hydrodilutable products with a high aesthetic quality and anti-corrosion performance, protecting every part of the railway vehicle:

  • Internal carriage;
  • External carriage;
  • Undercarriages;
  • Axles, wheels and wheelsets.

In addition to coatings for passenger carriages, we have formulated a wide variety of paints for freight wagons: from 1K coatings at a reasonable cost to the prestigious epoxy coatings with high thickness, suitable for the transportation of food and other substances. Thousands of wagons throughout the world travel protected with  SENORAIL coatings.

Anti-graffiti coatings for trains and rolling stock

In the formulation of our special finishes, we devote particular attention to the solution of maintenance common problems.

Our range of coatings for trains includes anti-graffiti coatings: paints that can be easily cleaned with the various anti-graffiti products approved for use.

In addition, after a light sanding, anti-graffiti coatings can be reapplied with a significant cost reduction: this is one of the main advantages of our anti-graffiti coatings compared to other anti-graffiti paints on the market.

Superior quality and respect for the environment

Our hydrodiluable anti-graffiti coatings comply with strict quality standards on emissions of solvents (VOC). All the products are free from heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons or other hazardous substances.

Our effective technical assistance is always available

Our customers can always count on the impeccable service of our local customer centres, which are able to guide the choice of the most suitable coating for any need.

SENORAIL® epoxy and hydrodilutable coatings for passenger carriages and freight wagons and anti-graffiti coatings.