PTFE Non-stick Coatings

GREBLON® Anti-adhesion Technology: at home, universally

GREBLON® is the brand of reference in the creation of PTFE non-stick coatings and decorative coatings of the highest quality. From pans and pots to baking items, from the elements of small electrical appliances to utensils, GREBLON® PTFE non-stick coatings demonstrate their excellent characteristics in every field of application.

PTFE coating systems and brilliant sealant ceramic solutions

We have refined our technology and knowledge of the market in over 35 years of commitment serving customers of international prestige. Thanks to the intense research and development activities, we boast one of the most extensive and innovative range of products on the market for PTFE non-stick coatings and external decorative coatings.

CEBTD – The five GREBLON® product lines

The GREBLON® product lines are designed to clearly segment our wide range of products in specific markets of competence. This makes it particularly easy to focus on the requirements of the individual market segments and to develop PTFE non-stick coating solutions that are better able to satisfy them. Thus was created GREBLON® CEBTD  – a wide range of specialist PTFE non-stick coatings and external decorative coatings.

The GREBLON® specialists by product line